Ezekiel Elliott Update: Marshall Faulk Headed to Cabo to Make Him Puke

Kyle Koster

Ezekiel Elliott is still not with the Dallas Cowboys. The saga continues. The running back didn’t immediately jump at the team’s offer to make him the second-highest paid at his position. Time is ticking and it’s getting to the point that there will be precious few exhibition game reps available should the two sides reach an accord.

So it’s important that Elliott stay fit and limber. Doing that by himself in Cabo could be difficult. Luckily, Marshall Faulk, friend and esteemed running back himself, is on his way to Mexico to crack some eggs to make an omelet.

Faulk told Rich Eisen of his plans to make the Cowboys star train until he throws up in an effort to improve conditioning.

It’s no surprise that Faulk is lending a helping hand. He and Elliott share an agent, so he’s firmly on the player’s side.

"“These holdouts, they affect teams,” Faulk said. “They actually affect the nucleus of your team. And I’ll be honest with you, if I’m Zeke and I sit down and I saw that they signed Jaylon Smith – I’m pissed.”"

"“It’s not Zeke’s fault he’s in this situation,” Faulk said. “There’s something wrong with the system when just because you were drafted first, you get this fifth year tagged on, and then you have to play this extra year when a guy [like Dak Prescott] has more leverage than you.”"

If there’s a bright side for Cowboys fans, it’s that no one likes throwing up and perhaps this intense training can force Elliott back into the waiting arms of a team that won’t make him work as hard.