Ezekiel Elliott Forgot to Turn Off His Camera During a Stream and Told Someone He Was 'Low-Key Faded' [UPDATE]

Stephen Douglas
Ezekiel Elliott realizing he didn't close his stream.
Ezekiel Elliott realizing he didn't close his stream. /

Ezekiel Elliott is having a noteworthy pandemic. His latest adventure came during a live-stream which he ended by telling someone off-camera that he was "low-key faded." He then turned back to the computer and remarked that he had not turned off his stream.

Elliott is a 24-year-old adult with a ton of disposable income who doesn't have to work for at least a few more weeks. As long as he's staying home and out of trouble right now, who cares? His boss and the company he works for probably aren't thrilled with the optics of him going online while faded, but what can you do? There's a pandemic going on.

Elliott tested positive for COVID-19 two weeks ago. Last week he shared a video saying he was feeling good. In April he went to a party at Dak Prescott's house. In March his dogs allegedly attacked a pool cleaner.

UPDATE: Elliott went on Twitter later in the day to clarify that he was talking about how he had a few drinks. He also threatened Sports Illustrated with a defamation lawsuit for accusing Elliott of being high.