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Ezekiel Elliott Portrayed By Keenan Thompson and Dalvin Cook in Span of 12 Hours

Stephen Douglas
Carolina Panthers v Dallas Cowboys
Carolina Panthers v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

Ezekiel Elliott will play in today's Dallas Cowboys game against the New York Giants. Jay Glazer reported this news on the FOX NFL Sunday pregame show with what appears to be a cartoon version of Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook.

Cook did not play for the Vikings this afternoon, so you know that they didn't mix up the names. NBC had a slightly more accurate version of Elliott last night, though the uniform still wasn't quite right.

Yes, Keenan Thompson portrayed Elliott in an Aladdin sketch on Saturday Night Live.

Look, artistic choices have to be made. Sometimes you make Kim Kardashian play Jasmine. Sometimes cartoon Dalvin Cook has to play Ezekiel Elliot.