Incredible Photos of Exploding Beer Saving the Life of a Fan Not Paying Attention at Spring Training

Mike Trout, one bat lighter.
Mike Trout, one bat lighter. / Ralph Freso/Getty Images

The Oakland Athletics beat the Los Angeles Angels in a Spring Training game this afternoon in Tempe. During the game someone hit a foul ball. That foul ball was a line drive into the stands. The ball hit some dude's Michelobe Ultra and it absolutely exploded. According to the cameraman who caught the incredible images, the ball would have hit the woman who was looking at her phone if not for the beer-tervention.

The Angels ended up hooking the guy up with some fresh beers and an autographed Mike Trout bat, which is pretty good. Hopefully, it went a little ways to explaining to the woman that it wasn't his fault his beer exploded and soaked her. Because honestly, who is going to buy the "I was trying to save your life with my beer" line?