Exclusive: The Danettes Are Interested in Adding Sub Rule to Basketball Game Vs. Pardon My Take

Bobby Burack

It’s going down. A special 3-on-3 hoops game is going to take place between the members of Barstool’s Pardon My Take and Dan Patrick’s Danettes, as announced on PFT Commenter’s radio show. It will be the physically intimidating team of Big CatPFT Commenter, and Hank Lockwood against the savvy and feisty All-Star Danettes. The Big Lead has learned from sources inside the Dan Patrick Studio that the Danettes are still deciding who will sit (there are four of them), but are intrigued by the idea of having three guys and a sub with the PMT team bringing in John Feitelberg as their fourth member.

We will update if we get an exclusive response from the Barstool team. Date, time, location, and what they will play to is still to be determined at this time. 

A showdown of this magnitude really doesn’t need me selling it. I would, however, recommend watching some cut-ins of the Dan Patrick Show to witness the Danettes shooting the rock and some YouTube clips of Big Cat and PFT in action on the court.

Not quite ready to make a prediction on this one yet. The size Big Cat could be an issue in the paint, though. And with PFT just looking like a shooter, doubling his podcast partner is a recipe for disaster. McLovin often takes charge of the conversation on radio, perhaps he will do the same on the court?

Media basketball games are in demand. ESPN and FS1 people should already be getting prepared to answer a challenge by the winning trio. How about Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Will Cain representing the big four letters? And who says no to Colin Cowherd, Clay Travis, and Skip Bayless filling the void for Fox?