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Excited Fan Sees Tyler Herro, Crashes Car Into Wall

Kyle Koster

Tyler Herro came back to Earth during his sophomore season with the Miami Heat but still possesses a tremendous amount of star power, especially with social media enthusiasts. The sweet-shooting guard happened to be out about about last night when he was spotted by adoring members of the public and graciously signed a few autographs. One fan momentarily abandoned all court awareness after encountering the unexpected scene and it led to regrettable results.

As a blanket reminder: always put your vehicle in park before exiting. Otherwise things can get sideways as it moves either forward or backward.

Thankfully this autograph-seeker's car didn't appear to be moving quickly enough to sustain significant damage. At least one would think so based on Herro's muted reaction. Or that's just a trained athlete blocking out all unwanted distractions.

Either way, hope it was worth it. Scary to imagine what would have happened had it been a legitimate NBA superstar out there pressing the flesh.