Every Single Road Team Covered in the NFL Today

By Vik Chokshi

Betting on the NFL week in and week out is always insane, and today was no different. There were a ton of backdoor covers today, including the Cincinnati Bengals covering in Cleveland on a blocked punt and two-point conversion, and the Bills getting a garbage time TD in New England after the Pats pulled Tom Brady for Brian Hoyer.

But, those weren’t even the craziest things that happened during today’s games. With the Pittsburgh Steelers covering the spread against the New Orleans Saints, road teams have gone undefeated and covered every spread this NFL weekend.  Road teams are now 12-0-2 ATS (based on closing numbers) in Week 16 entering into Sunday Night Football.

I don’t remember the last time every single home team failed to cover their spreads, so I reached out to some of my gambling colleagues to see if they knew.

John Ewing of The Action Network, had the following information for me:

  • Since 2005, home teams have not failed to cover at least one game during an NFL week.
  • Only four previous weeks had home teams covered in three or fewer games.
  • Previous worst records for home teams: 2-10-1 ATS: Week 7, 2012-13; 2-10 ATS: Week 8, 2007-08; 3-11 ATS: Week 9, 2011-12; and 3-11 ATS: Week 10,  2008-09

So, there you have it. With only one game left on the board — the Kansas City Chiefs at Seattle Seahawks — it might be a historic gambling weekend in the NFL. Now it is up to Seattle to try become the first home team to cover this week.