It Takes Over 45 Minutes to Watch This Video Compilation of Every Jerry Rice Touchdown

Stephen Douglas
Jerry Rice
Jerry Rice / Dan Honda/Getty Images

One thing I've seen pop up a few times over the last few months has been reminders of Jerry Rice's greatness. Unlike Michael Jordan, who was the biggest star on the planet and remains relevant through signature shoes and epic documentaries. Rice is 7 months older, but managed to play five more seasons.

Upon retirement, Rice did some media work and released a video game with his dog, but other than that, he's been relatively quiet. There is no NFL ownership role available to arguably the greatest football player of all-time.

So we're left with stats and higihlights. The numbers are insane and deserve to be inspected. He scored 33 more regular season touchdowns than any other player. He scored 22 playoff touchdowns. The next closest player, Rob Gronkowski, has scored 12. He had 1,200+ yards and seven touchdown receptions when he was 40. The next highest totals of receiving yards after the age of 40 belong to Jerry Rice and Jerry Rice and then Tom Brady with one reception for six yards.

As for the highlights...

I don't necessarily think people actually forget about Jerry Rice. It's just that he does probably deserve a little more attention. This video is 46:39 and it only includes touchdowns. There have to be at least one or two solid plays that didn't result in a score.