Every Florida State Offensive Starter From 2013 Title Game is in the NFL

By Jason McIntyre

This is a pretty amazing graphic: Take a look at the starting offense for Florida State in the 2013 National Championship game against Auburn. Roughly 22 months after that game was played … all 11 starters from the FSU offense are in the NFL.

Several of them are impact starters – Devonta Freeman with the Atlanta Falcons, Kelvin Benjamin with the Carolina Panthers and Jameis Winston with the Tampa Bay Bucs.

The FSU defense from that title game? Not bad either. Two of the starters are still at FSU – Jalen Ramsey (who will be drafted in 2016) and Terrance Smith (All-ACC linebacker) and the rest … yup, are in the NFL.

And to think the Seminoles were down in that one to Auburn 21-3, the Seminoles needed a last-minute touchdown to win, and Auburn fans will never stop thinking about what might have been on that final kickoff return …