Everson Griffen Sorry He Called Kirk Cousins 'Ass'

Everson Griffin
Everson Griffin / Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Everson Griffen inked a deal with the Minnesota Vikings to come home and play for the team that drafted him this morning. Griffen was not set up to start off on the right foot, though, courtesy of his own Twitter account.

Earlier this year, Griffen went on a brief but scalding angry tweet spree in which he called Kirk Cousins "ass" and said Mike Zimmer didn't even really want Cousins back there to begin with. He apologized at the time shortly thereafter.

Griffen was asked about that when he spoke to reporters today after the contract was finalized. He admitted that he already apologized to Zimmer about it and planned to do so with Cousins.

It's hilarious to think how that conversation will go. "Hey, Kirk. Sorry I called you 'ass' online. We good?"

A beautiful world we live in, folks.