ESPN Investigated the Physics of Zion Williamson, Determined He's Awesome

Stephen Douglas
Zion Williamson dunks. Again.
Zion Williamson dunks. Again. / Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Zion Williamson is spectacular. He is a one-of-a-kind athlete with unbelievable athletic gifts. We can all agree on that, but what we have no way of knowing is how that body and ability will hold up. He is as unsure a thing as he is a sure thing. Is his body a blessing, curse or both? ESPN asked the question and didn't really get an answer.

ESPN put their best experts and sports scientists and physical therapists together to try and get an answer. They even brought in a professor of physiology and biomechanics. And after they broke down the film and crunched the numbers what did they decide? Well, not much.

This video, while very interesting, basically leaves us in the same position as before. Zion is big and special and that might make him more likely to get hurt, but we won't really know until he does or doesn't. The truth remains that Zion can relearn how to run and jump and land, but no matter how perfect his form becomes, he is still in the hands of fate as he comes down from the rim around a bunch of guys with big feet on the ground.