ESPN: The Two Women Associated With Robert Kraft Don't Appear to Have Been Trafficked

Ryan Glasspiegel

Robert Kraft is charged with two misdemeanor accounts of soliciting prostitution, and the justification for the whole circus from the authorities’ perspective was that the women at the massage parlor were alleged victims of human trafficking. However, according to ESPN reporter TJ Quinn, the specific women Kraft was allegedly with do not appear to have been.

“State prosecutors have said that a number of women, especially the ones living inside of the spa, were trafficked,” Quinn told Michele Steele. “From what we can tell, the two women who have been associated with Robert Kraft may not have been. One of them was the manager — a woman who was charged with four counts related to prostitution. She’s about 40 years old. The other woman is 58 years old, she has a New York state drivers license. Both have Florida state massage licenses. So they weren’t exactly living an underground life.” published an interesting story on Monday contending that a) the police have not charged anyone in connection with human trafficking yet, b) appear to have contradicted themselves on at least one occasion, and c) have not provided any tangible evidence of human trafficking yet other than saying that it happened.

It will remain interesting to see what, if anything, is the result of this investigation from the perspective of Robert Kraft and discipline as far as the NFL is concerned. If it was indeed two consensual — though illegal — transactions with free-acting adults, the narrative has changed from the initial news break.