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Reimagined 'SportsNation' Has 1000 Percent More Wainscoting Chatter

Kyle Koster

A reimagined SportsNation launched on Jan. 11 with Ashley Brewer, Treavor Scales and Taylor Twellman hosting and having an open-door policy to commentators who want to comment on the clips of the day. Carrying on the legacy of a brand like that is a heavy lift, so it's good to see that they're leaning into the premium content early: home decor.

During an interview with Richard Jefferson, Twellman's keen eye noticed some unusually tall wainscoting behind the former NBA player. Jefferson deflected the question, pointing out that this was likely the first time the term was used on ESPN, which is exactly what someone with weird wainscoting would say.

As an avid HGTV viewer myself, I can tell you that wainscoting is a cost-effective way to give depth and texture to walls. A small investment can really create an expensive-looking accent. It can cover up imperfections without having to do the maintenance, though it can be time-consuming to remove down the road.

There are smarter minds than mine working on the show, so we'll see if they agree that a motif minute with Twellman would make a good segment. Turn him into a live version of Room Rater as guests join the show, see if some fireworks ignite.