ESPN Sportscenter Anchor Todd Grisham Thinks Jonathan Martin Should Have Been Able To Take a Joke

By Ty Duffy

The Ted Wells report has been released. It details harassment suffered by Jonathan Martin, another Dolphins player and a team employee from Richie Incognito, John Jerry and Mike Pouncey. ESPN anchor Todd Grisham tweeted that his take-away was it was “just guys goofing on each other” and Martin “couldn’t take it.”

I mean who hasn’t “busted chops” by joking vulgarly about someone’s race in the workplace? Or someone’s sexuality? Or someone’s female relatives? I’m sure calling someone a “stinky Pakistani” is SOP on set in Bristol.

Grisham takes it philosophical, wondering where we draw the line on rookie hazing?

Not sure, but guessing not violating the anti-harassment policies players sign may be a good place to start.