ESPN Ryan McGee: 'If There Was Any Honor Left in That Flag It Disappeared a Long Time Ago'

Stephen Douglas

ESPN's Ryan McGee was happy to see NASCAR ban the Confederate flag on Wednesday. A descendant of Confederate soldiers, McGee went on First Take this morning to talk a little more about what the flag does and doesn't mean. Like the article he wrote for the ESPN website, he shared some powerful words that some people don't want to hear: "If there was any honor left in that flag it disappeared a long time ago."

Here's a small portion of his piece from

"There was a time when the swastika meant nothing, too. It first appeared in Asia 5,000 years ago. It was meant to signify the sun. But then someone came along and turned it into the symbol of one of the greatest evil forces that Earth has ever known. You wouldn't fly that over Talladega, would you? Because to millions upon millions of Americans, that's what they see and what they feel when they see that Confederate flag. I am 100 percent confident that a real NASCAR fan has the ability to enjoy a weekend in the infield just as much while flying an American flag as they do under the flag of a misguided, defeated nation that hasn't existed for 155 years. If they can't, then they've never loved NASCAR as much they have always claimed. They certainly have never loved it as much as I do."