ESPN Asking Top Stars to Take 15 Percent Pay Cut

Kyle Koster
Robin Marchant/Getty Images

ESPN is asking its 100 highest-paid commenters to take a voluntary 15 percent pay cut over the next three months, Sports Business Journal's John Ourand reports. The network, like everyone else, is trying to navigate a coronavirus-impacted world that's more uncertain than usual.

Per Ourand, it's unclear how many of those asked have agreed to the reduction.

Earlier this month, Disney ordered a 20-30 percent base salary cut. Those impacted could potentially make up the lost income in the form of bonuses or stock options.

Across the space, media companies are employing similar strategies as a cost-cutting endeavor. The true tally is far higher than what has been individually reported. And it's a safe bet that those who have been able to avoid it to this point will have to reconsider doing so down the line.

On first blush, 100 seems like a high number. Getting to triple digits down the depth chart takes us through quite a lot of big- and mid-level names.

As always, the hope is that all employees everywhere can stay on board and be made a whole again on the other side of this pandemic and its economic fallout.