ESPN Passed Yahoo! Sports in Fantasy Football Subscribers For First Time

By Ty Duffy

ESPN has surpassed Yahoo! in Fantasy Football subscribers for the first time, according to internal numbers shared by a source. The network claims 6,276,790 users versus Yahoo’s 6,235,000 users. Those numbers represent a 20 percent and an 11 percent increase for those companies respectively over 2012., by comparison, has around 3.5 million users according to the figures and grew by 25 percent.

ESPN has grown at a faster rate than Yahoo! for the past 10 years. But they started that period with 74,136 users vs. Yahoo’s 2,747,060 users.

Yahoo! has been bullish about its overall traffic numbers. It’s not clear whether this development reflects a broader shift toward ESPN or a short term factor, such as Yahoo! Sports’ recent (and somewhat controversial) redesign, played a role.