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ESPN to Air 'Pardon The interruption' Documentary

Kyle Koster
Robin Marchant/Getty Images

ESPN will mark 20 years of Pardon The Interruption with an hour-long television special debuting on Sept. 28 and a four-part ESPN Daily series chronicling the show's journey, the network announced today.

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon debuted together in October 2001, immediately translating conversations and arguments they used to have at work onto cable television and the rest took care of itself. The property has remained rock-solid through two decades and has served as the blueprint for countless others who have tried to capture the same type of magic.

Pablo Torre narrates both projects and if the trailer is any indication, there will be a wide array of voices giving voice to the uniqueness of the show and how it's managed to age wonderfully.

It promises to offer some great nostalgia and reminders of memorable moments we somehow forgot.