Mike Leach Featured in ESPN's Pac-12 Hype Video

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Mike Leach
Mike Leach /

Mike Leach has been the head coach at Mississippi State since January. He hasn't coached a game at Washington State since the Cougars lost to Air Force in the Cheez-It Bowl on December 27, 2019. Yet here is Leach in ESPN's hype video to get you ready for the 2020 Pac-12 season.

Mike Leach at Washington State in an ESPN video.
Mike Leach at Washington State in an ESPN video. /

Wazzou fans must love seeing the guy who just abandoned their program be the only person somewhat associated with their school featured in this video.

Meanwhile, Leach is dealing with his own problems this week. After the Bulldogs won their season opener, an upset over No. 6 LSU, they've dropped four straight and find themselves in last place in the SEC West. On top of that, players quickly leaving the program. And he can't have practice today! Via FOX News:

"“We had to alter our schedule and everybody else has to alter their schedule, too. I want everybody to vote, but I’m not a huge fan of adjusting everybody’s schedule and having national election day,” Leach said. “Everybody should vote but I don’t think they should cancel practice that day as a result because we’re in school and everybody is going to work and everybody is responsible enough to go vote."

Leach must long for the simpler days when he belonged in a Pac-12 hype video.