ESPN Modified the Booger Mobile After Backlash


ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcasts have brought complaints, which tends to happen when virtually everything about the presentation changes. One of them — Booger McFarland’s Booger Mobile — caused some backlash from fans actually attending the games in recent weeks. That tends to happen when someone pays big money for a ticket and has their view occasionally blocked by a large conveyance. The big-screen television meant to show fans the action happened to have a significant delay, which is not helpful.

ESPN defended the mobile unit to the Sporting News last week:

"“The unique field-level perspective that the cart provides is an enhancement to our ‘Monday Night Football’ coverage. It is constantly moving up and down the sideline throughout the game, rarely in one spot for an extended period of time. The cart is also equipped with a large monitor"

It appears they heard the complaints and made some modifications for tonight’s game in Buffalo. The screen has been replaced with clear glass.

This feels like a significant improvement with better sight lines. Credit to them for a solid sideline audible.