Randy Moss Tosses Lombardi Trophy Into East River

Liam McKeone
Randy Moss and the Lombardi Trophy
Randy Moss and the Lombardi Trophy /

Tom Brady probably gave a lot of people at NFL HQ a borderline heart attack last February when he simply threw the Lombardi Trophy between two boats during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Super Bowl parade. The toss went off without a hitch, further proving Brady can do no wrong, but many a laugh was had at the possibility of the Lombardi flying into the water and sinking to the bottom.

The NFL Countdown crew has been waiting for their opportunity to use this for content and got their chance today. They wondered exactly what would have happened if Brady's throw had gone awry. Does the Lombardi Trophy float? Only one way to find out.

That's how we found ourselves on Sunday morning watching Randy Moss heave the coveted piece of metal into the East River.

Here is the preface to the situation.

It only took 50 years, but we have our answer. The Lombardi Trophy does, in fact, float.