ESPN Legal Analyst Ryan Smith Explains the Zion Williamson Lawsuit on 'Get Up'

Liam McKeone
Zion Williamson
Zion Williamson / Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Zion Williamson stepped into court seven months before he actually set foot on an NBA court last June when he filed a lawsuit against Prime Sports Marketing Agency and its president, Gina Smith. Smith responded by filing a lawsuit worth $100 million against Williamson and his new agency, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), accusing Williamson of a breach of contract with Prime Sports.

The lawsuits have carried on since then with relatively little fanfare until this week, when news broke that Smith asked Williamson to admit he received improper benefits from Duke University. This seems important, but how likely is it to happen? And what does the possibility of Duke paying Williamson have anything to do with a potential breach of contract by the superstar?

I cannot give you any answers, but I can present to you ESPN's legal analyst Ryan Smith, who went on Get Up this morning to explain the situation in a digestible manner for those, like me, who don't understand this mumbo jumbo even a little bit:

When you lay it out like that, it makes some sense. Williamson accepting those benefits helps Smith's case. There would probably be quite a significant amount of shockwaves if Gina Smith's request goes through and Williamson does have to admit under oath that Duke enticed him to attend with money and gifts.

But, like most things law-related, that probably will not happen quickly. Still, this is why Ryan Smith makes the big bucks over at ESPN. That's how you break down a lawsuit for all of us who need it.