Nicole Briscoe and Randy Scott Pay Tribute to Laid-Off ESPN Employees

Liam McKeone
Nicole Briscoe and Randy Scott
Nicole Briscoe and Randy Scott /

The global pandemic has hit businesses in every industry extremely hard. ESPN suffered the full brunt of the economic implications that came with COVID-19 earlier this week as they laid off hundreds of employees. Most were behind-the-scenes people, the ones who make the magic happen on your TV every single day.

On Saturday, Sportscenter anchors Nicole Briscoe and Randy Scott paid tribute to those who lost their jobs in a touching segment.

It takes a village to do what the Worldwide Leader does on an everyday basis. While many who were laid off this week are unknown to the greater audience, but they're equally as important as the personalities that have kept us entertained and informed over these long years.

Hopefully each and every one of those individuals finds themselves gainfully employed as the economy slowly recovers from the coronavirus pandemic. For now, they will not be forgotten by their former colleagues and everybody who enjoyed their work.