ESPN's Cross-Promotional 'Batman' Ad Wonders What if Bing Bong Was Still Relavent?


Synergy, vertical integration, cross promotion. These are all important words and phrases that make brands lots of money. One phrase that hasn't been doing that lately is "bing bong," the nonsensical New York Knicks rallying cry from earlier this season when people were still excited about the Knicks. Yet here it is popping up in an ESPN-specific ad for The Batman in the year 2022.

Friend of the site Elle Duncan and SportsCenter make an appearance in the new ad that appears to show Batman attempting to capture RJ Barrett who eventually tells him to "relax." The only clue that Batman appears to have to work with is "bing bong" written in various places. It's an incredibly untimely choice.

The Knicks lost 13 of 16 games before the All-Star break as they dropped out of the playoff picture into 12th place in the Eastern Conference. The thrill of the Knicks from earlier this season is gone. The Batman's talents would be much better used trying to locate Ben Simmons, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. The subway in Brooklyn makes the same dumb noise.