Jeff Passan Breaks Back in Freak Accident

The ESPN MLB insider was injured by a falling tree.


On Monday, Jeff Passan addressed his recent lack of Twitter activity with some breaking news. According to the ESPN MLB insider, while cleaning up after a big storm that went through Kansas City, a large tree limb fell on him, breaking his back.

Passan says he suffered a broken vertebra, and thanked his colleagues at ESPN for being supportive, as well as the nurses, doctors and support staff at KU Med.

Passan did say the injury shouldn't hinder his ability to deliver news as the MLB trade deadline approaches, as his phone and hands still work.

Shortly after the announcement Passan tweeted a picture of the offending tree.

What an absolutely crazy story.

Passan is the undisputed best MLB insider out there. His work in the space is unparalleled. He was named "Insider of the Year" in our 2022 Sports Media Awards after the stellar reporting he did around the MLB lockout and subsequent labor deal.

Obviously we wish Jeff a speedy recovery, he's always been gracious with his time and is a big favorite around The Big Lead offices.