ESPN Houston Guys Get Into Fight on Air, Create Painful Radio

Kyle Koster

There's plenty to talk about in Houston what with the last vestiges of the Rockets' small ball experiment blowing up in the lab and exposing everyone to toxic fumes and profound regret. Late Hits with Patrick Creighton and Jayson Braddock had a hard time doing it, though, on Tuesday night due to some personal issues. Or personnel issues.

Creighton did not appear to believe Braddock was invested in the topic or pulling his weight and let his frustrations be known. Braddock encouraged Creighton to do the show as scheduled several times before things spiraled out of control and the audio had to be severed.

Never have two guys looked so much like you'd imagine them looking when hearing the audio. It's amazing. Like one of those old Ricky Gervais Show episodes where they animated the podcast retroactively. Pure cartoon stuff here.

The only way to salvage the situation would have been continuing to steer into the bit and have a petty fight for all two hours. Maybe next time, if these two ever share a studio again.