Celine Dion Was a Weird Song Choice For ESPN's 'Football is Back' Ad

Stephen Douglas
Gardner Minshew sings a song about lost love.
Gardner Minshew sings a song about lost love. /

Excuse me if you already had this conversation, but I completely missed this video that ESPN has been running since early September featuring football players, fans and various Disney properties singing and dancing to the Celine Dion version of "It's All Coming Back to Me Now."

Now, I love this song. It's an undeniably great song and as the video shows, it's great to sing along with. If you're a real showman, it's an excellent five-minute song to belt out at karaoke.

It's also about a remembering a dead lover.

Sorry. This song is an absolute classic, but it would be a super weird choice for a first dance at a wedding and it's a super weird choice for a video celebrating football pressing forward in the face of a pandemic that has killed a ton of people.

Then you add recently acquired Disney character Peter Griffin saying, "Leave football alone. It's all we got." Who exactly is The Family Guy talking to? Coronavirus? That's weird! But I guess not as weird as using a song about a remembering the embrace of a dead lover to celebrate football season.

This is up there with the musical choices of the Trump campaign. Hopefully, ESPN's next move is to cut together clips of NFL reporters talking about canceled games and edit them together with players in quarantine lip syncing, "My Heart Will Go On."