Dianna Russini Has Technical Issue on ESPN While Discussing Technical Issues For NFL Draft

Ryan Phillips
Matt Barrie and Dianna Russini on ESPN
Matt Barrie and Dianna Russini on ESPN /

ESPN's Matt Barrie and Dianna Russini were discussing the 2020 NFL Draft on-air Wednesday when they hit peak irony. Barrie asked Russini how organizations will handle communication with each other when they hit a significant technical glitch. It was a perfect broadcast moment.

Check this out:

Give them both a ton of credit for handling it as well as could be expected. To just embrace the moment and laugh it off was pretty great.

The two unintentionally and perfectly illustrated the problem with the amount of reliance teams have on technology with this fully-virtual draft. The NFL doesn't really have a choice to do it any other way right now, but this week's draft could be a mess if there are any technical problems. As Barrie and Russini just showed, no one's technology is foolproof.

Hopefully the draft isn't a complete disaster, but we should all be prepared for chaos.