ESPN Devoting an Entire Week to Madden '21

Stephen Douglas
Lamar Jackson will be the Madden '21 cover athlete.
Lamar Jackson will be the Madden '21 cover athlete. / Will Newton/Getty Images

ESPN is planning a week devoted to Madden '21 starting on Monday, July 13th. According to Variety, the World Wide Leader will be revealing and debating player ratings.  Get Up, First Take, SportsCenter and NFL Live will all devote segments to the game. That is a lot of Madden!

So what? People love Madden. People care about Madden ratings and - as we are legally obligated to say every five to seven minutes - there's nothing else going on right now! Honestly, I can't wait to watch Stephen A. Smith have a meltdown because Max Kellerman says that David Bakhtari's overall rating should be 94 instead of 96. Could it be any sillier than anything else they've debated recently?

Madden '21 will be released on August 28, 2020, regardless of the status of the actual NFL. It actually wouldn't be surprising to see this become a regular thing even after the world shifts back to the old normal. Besides, ESPN is probably happy to have some eSports content.