ESPN, CBS Re-Airing Best Masters Tournaments Next Week

Liam McKeone
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods / Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Like all other live sporting events for the foreseeable future, this year's Masters tournament was canceled as efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic continue. To help offset the loss, ESPN and CBS will be re-airing the best Masters tournaments in history the week the event was supposed to take place.

The tournaments being aired included Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson's first Masters victories and Jack Nicklaus' epic 1986 win. As a golf fan on the younger side, I'm most looking forward to watching Nicklaus summoning everything he has to win his last green jacket. Overall, though, you can't go wrong. Here's the full broadcast schedule for both networks.

ESPN Masters Schedule

Per a press release, ESPN will be airing the final rounds of Tiger Woods' 1997 and 2005 Masters wins, as well as Jack Nicklaus' 1986 victory. They'll also be airing the final rounds from the 2012 and 2013 Masters and the 2018 Par 3 contest. Here's the full day-by-day broadcast schedule:

Wednesday, April 8

1:00 PM ET: 2018 Masters Par 3 Contest, ESPN

3:00 PM ET: 1986 Masters Final Round, ESPN

8:00 PM ET: 2018 Masters Par 3 Contest, ESPN2

Thursday, April 9

2:00 PM ET: 2012 Masters Final Round, ESPN

7:30 PM ET: 1997 Masters Final Round

Friday, April 10

12:00 PM ET: 2013 Masters Final Round, ESPN

6:00 PM ET: 2005 Masters Final Round, ESPN

CBS Masters Schedule

CBS will be airing an hour segment around the 1975 Masters tournament, and re-airing the final round of the 2004 Masters, Phil Mickelson's first green jacket, and the 2019 Masters, Woods' return to the top. While ESPN is broadcasting their past Masters tournaments during the week, CBS' will take place over the weekend. Here's the full broadcast schedule:

Saturday, April 11

1:30 PM ET: The Masters: 1975, CBS

2:30 PM ET: 2004 Masters Final Round, CBS

Sunday, April 12

12:30 PM ET: 2019 Masters Final Round, CBS