ESPN Brings 'Carrot Top' Onto College GameDay For Extremely Awkward Interview

Rece Davis interviews Carrot Top
Rece Davis interviews Carrot Top /

Tonight we will find out who will be playing in the National Championship Game as the Final Four of March Madness commences. This year's tournament has been absolutely wild and that is reflected in the last four teams remaining. Only UConn was thought to have a real chance at getting here. Miami, San Diego State, and (most notably) Florida Atlantic University are all Cinderella stories of varying degrees.

The lack of blue bloods in this year's final grouping means, among other things, that ESPN and other sports media companies needed to get a bit creative in the effort to create engaging content over the last week. That is why Rece Davis found himself on College GameDay interviewing Scott "Carrot Top" Thompson, the actor/comedian who apparently went to FAU.

It was an extremely uncomfortable interview as everyone kept talking at the same time and both parties appeared to wonder why they were there at times.

Sometimes interviews simply do not work. This is one of those interviews. Davis is trying and Carrot Top is too but I cannot remember a worse interview on GameDay in a very long time.

A swing and a miss.