What Better Way to Spend Christmas Than Complaining About ESPN's New Camera Angle?

Kyle Koster

The Lakers and Clippers are playing for L.A. supremacy right now, in one of the more highly anticipated games of the season. ESPN is using some unconventional camera angles during its broadcast because what's the point of unwrapping shiny new toys if you can't put them to use?

Many people -- and by many I mean enough to prop up a blog post without the author feeling sketchy about it -- are spending their Christmases complaining online about having to watch from a different perspective.

This is typically the point where there would be a bunch of examples highlighting the outrage but you know what? Not this time. It would be too rough on these people's friends and families to realize their loved one neglected spending quality time with them in favor of whining about this. Has to be a devastating revelation.

Or maybe it's just the natural course of thing. The 48 hours or good cheer and joy we afford ourselves each and every year is running out. We'll catch you back on the sunny side in about 364 days.