Bro Tries to Chug a Beer Behind ESPN's Jay Bilas and Dan Shulman, Fails

Kyle Koster

Some dude in a purple hoodie had primo seats for the Champions Classic at Madison Square Garden, providing the privilege of being within arm's reach of ESPN's Dan Shulman and Jay Bilas courtside. He capitalized on the opportunity by trying to house a tall boy as the broadcasting duo broke down what they'd seen from Duke and Kentucky during the first half. It went poorly.

First beer stuff. The type of performance one would expect to see during welcome week at Sigma Chi. Everything is going fine and you're shoving your buddies before an exaggerated burp attempt turns to spitting up like an infant. Why Lord, does it always have to happen in front of a group of people? In this case an international television audience and an unforgiving internet community who lives in a glass house when it comes to matters of beer-drinking prowess.

All in all, probably worth it. There's nothing more valuable than going viral and his buddies will have material for years. It's too bad the incident didn't get more play on the telecast, though. Something about Jay Bilas breaking out the Bilastrator to diagram what went wrong here screams excellent television.

Most important of all, thank god the announcers were outside of the splash zone. We simply cannot have on-air talent being sprayed with backwash. Not during normal times and certainly not during pandemic ones.