ESPN Arkansas Host Calls Razorbacks Catcher 'Stupid Ass' in Radio Rant

Liam McKeone
Michael Turner of Arkansas
Michael Turner of Arkansas / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

Those who tuned into Friday's ESPN Arkansas radio show were treated to a rather passionate and aggressive rant from host Derek Ruscin. The target of Ruscin's anger was Razorbacks catcher Michael Turner, a fifth-year transfer who joined the team this year and said in an interview that it's not always easy to play in front of the Razorback faithful because some of them aren't "good" fans. Ruscin was very displeased and ripped Turner, calling the catcher a "stupid ass" and a "disgrace" who should never be able to wear the uniform again.

He was really mad!

Yeesh. He really threw a lot of heat behind the insults, too. Ruscin appears to be taking Turner's light criticism very, very personally.

Two days later, ESPN Arkansas' market manager released a statement announcing Ruscin would be taking some time away from the show and condemned his comments, saying the matter would be dealt with internally.

That seems appropriate. Radio hosts are supposed to be passionate about whatever their subject matter may be but it got intensely personal. No need for that sort of thing.