Erratic Umpire Forcibly Removed From Mexican League Game

Humberto Saiz
Humberto Saiz /

This is just some amazing footage of something we've never seen before. An umpire in the Mexican Pacific League was forcibly removed from a game after he acted erratically during a game. Humberto Saiz's fellow umpires believed he was drunk and pulled him from the field.

Here's some video of Saiz flipping off fans in the middle of the game:

And here is video of security and his fellow umpires guiding him off the field:

And another angle:

That's just stunning footage. I have never seen an umpire guided from the field for anything other than an injury before.

Now, we don't know if Saiz was actually drunk, but his erratic behavior led his fellow umpires to believe that and remove him.

If only MLB would do this to Angel Hernandez and Doug Eddings every freaking game.