Ernie Johnson Takes a Shot at Mat Ishbia After Nikola Jokic Incident


The Inside the NBA crew was discussing the Mat Ishbia-Nikola Jokic incident after Game 4 of the Phoenix Suns-Denver Nuggets series on Sunday night. While the consensus seemed to be both guys were in the wrong and it was largely harmless, both Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson said the NBA should just let the incident go. Then Johnson took a shot at Ishbia, the Suns' new owner.

After Barkley said he hoped the league didn't "do something stupid" -- referring to suspending Jokic -- Johnson agreed. Then he said, "And don't either of you guys do it again, OK. Mat Ishbia: don't hold onto the ball. Joker: Don't make him flop."


The guys at the desk were loving that comment. Ishbia had a Chris Paul-level flop after Jokic bumped him during the incident. He went down with some force despite barely being touched. It was pretty embarrassing but he was clearly attempting to gain an advantage for his team. It worked as Jokic was hit with a technical foul.

Johnson saved a bit of shade for Ishbia in the end.