Eric Reid: NFL Changed Language in the CBA, We Need a Re-vote And Investigation

Stephen Douglas
Eric Reid with Colin Kaepernick on the San Francisco 49ers.
Eric Reid with Colin Kaepernick on the San Francisco 49ers. / Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Eric Reid and his lawyers sent a letter to the NFL Players Association asking for a re-vote on the Collective Bargaining Agreement that was passed earlier this month. Reid's lawyers previously ripped apart the CBA before the voting period closed and are now accusing the NFL of changing language in the contract in regards to disabled players after the vote.

Even if this was an innocent mistake by the NFL, it might be a big one. If there is a revote we already know that multiple players had approached the NFLPA about possibly changing their ballot. It's also a curious time for the league to have this back up in the air. Over the next few months they are going to have to make a determination on how the season will even look.

Will it be business as usual in packed stadiums? Will they be forced to carry on in empty stadiums in their home cities or will they actually need to sequester players in the league's version of the biosphere project in order to even play the games? If they do vote again and chose not to pass either of these versions, they might want to negotiate the league's unsure not-so-distant future.