Eric Reid's Lawyers Ripped Apart the Proposed NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement

Liam McKeone
Eric Reid on the CBA
Eric Reid on the CBA / Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

The NFL Players Association is supposed to vote on the new collective bargaining agreement proposal put forth by the owners this week. Players seem rather split on the quality of the deal; the like of Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, and the Pouncey brothers have already vocalized their displeasure with the terms, while others such as Nate Solder and Devon Kennard have explained why they're for the deal.

You can mark down Panthers safety Eric Reid as a member of the former group. Reid had his lawyers go through the proposed CBA with a fine-tooth comb and tweeted out their summary of everything they perceive as wrong or unfair. It's, uh, comprehensive:

Quite a lengthy list of bullet points there. These lawyers, of course, do not have the perspective of an NFL player, but they're certainly well-versed in the legal jargon that makes up a collective bargaining agreement, and their condemnation stands out.

The NFLPA pushed back the final day to vote until Saturday, so we won't know how things will proceed until the weekend is wrapped up. We know which side Reid is falling on, though.