NYC Mayor Eric Adams Makes It Sound Like Kyrie Irving Won't Be Able to Play in Brooklyn This Season

Brooklyn Nets v Milwaukee Bucks
Brooklyn Nets v Milwaukee Bucks / John Fisher/GettyImages

New York City is lifting its vaccine mandates for businesses, dining and events in the next few days. It seemed like this would clear a path for Kyrie Irving to return to the Brooklyn Nets lineup for home games, but NYC mayor Eric Adams went on CNBC on Monday morning and threw some cold water on that.

Adams said while he wants Irving to play because he wants the Nets to win a championship, allowing Kyrie to play would send the wrong message to city employees who do still have mandates. He then went on to criticize the rule that allows visiting players to play in New York City.

Maybe the most fair thing would be to take a look at how mandates affect everyone and start from scratch, but at this point, two years into the pandemic, that might cause more trouble than it's worth. For now that's Kyrie and the Nets' problem.