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England Appears on the Brink of Chaos as Euro 2020 Final Looms

Stephen Douglas
Italy v England - UEFA Euro 2020: Final
Italy v England - UEFA Euro 2020: Final / Marc Atkins/Getty Images

England will take on Italy in the Euro 2020 final this afternoon at Wembley Stadium. As the match gets closer, the city(?) of England appears to be on the brink of chaos. There is madness in the streets. Everyone appears to be downing pints. Thousands wait outside quaint British pubs.

That venue can not accommodate a party that size.

It is unclear which result this evening (England is in a different time zone than America) will be worse for London and the surrounding areas. Will they have a jovial and celebratory riot with a victory like they're in a Kaiser Chiefs' video? Will they have an angry riot which will cause just as much damage but not nearly seem as cheeky?

Can it really come home if there's no home to come back to? Stay tuned.