What Is the Empire State Building Doing With This Philadelphia Eagles Thing?

Kyle Koster
Sunrise in New York City
Sunrise in New York City / Gary Hershorn/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Eagles crushed the San Francisco 49ers — who really could have used your arm at quarterback today — to win the NFC Championship Game and secure a spot in the Super Bowl. Then the official Twitter account of the Empire State Building posted that the building was going green and white to mark the occasion. Which is incredibly weird because the Empire State is in New York city, famously home to one of the Eagles' most bitter rivals.

People, from Jets fans who know those colors particularly well, to plain old-fashioned skyscraper enthusiasts understandably lost their minds, posting online instead of, like, spending time with their loved ones. It was a highly unusual turn of events that turned even more surprising when the account responded to a video from Barstool founder Dave Portnoy.

This is apparently a move toward nuclear in a long-simmering and perhaps one-sided feud as Portnoy declared the ESB his "mortal enemy" back in 2021. It is clear that the person who chose that message for the account really basked in the moment. It's crossed over from the sports crowd and seems to be a main character on social media for a bit.

It is simply unclear how many of the building's inhabitants, fans, employees or owners are enjoying becoming engaged in a public war of words with Portnoy. It's is tough to imagine that was a slam-dunk for all involved.

Yet here we are.