Sophomore Emoni Bates Commits to Michigan State, But Will He Ever Step Foot on Campus?

Stephen Douglas

Emoni Bates, the top prospect in the high school class of 2022, has committed to Michigan State. Bates made the surprise announcement during a random Monday afternoon SportsCenter. We will now spend the next two years wondering if he will ever actually step foot on the Michigan State campus.

The NBA is currently considering a rule change that would again make 18-year-olds eligible for the NBA Draft. The players and the league are both interested and if they change the age limit, the first draft with the new old age limit will probably come in 2022. Perfect timing.

Then there's the fact that no 16-year-old really knows what they'll be doing in two years. Who even knows what colleges or college athletics will look like by then. That's (hopefully!) a post-pandemic world. Bates probably won't even play basketball during his upcoming junior year. We have no clue what the sports landscape will look like by then or if dealing with the NCAA will still be worth it. Or what the NCAA will look like if there isn't any college football this fall to line the pockets of the schools.

Or maybe by then LaVar Ball or Kyrie Irving will have a different league up and running. Maybe he'll go overseas. Maybe he'll spend a year in the G League. Or maybe he'll decide he wants to go to another school. What if he meets a nice girl in Ann Arbor? The only thing we know for sure is that he can do whatever he wants. Even if what he wants is to attend Michigan State for a few months.