Emmanuel Acho: I'm Glad Sports Ratings Are Down and You Can Tell My Bosses

Kyle Koster

Fox Sports' Emmanuel Acho was among the participants in Yahoo Finance’s All Markets Summit yesterday, which featured the biggest, brainiest brains from the sports and real world. Think Bill Gates. Think Anthony Fauci. Think Gary Cohn. Think no one from this here website.

Acho, who has seen his star rise at a meteoric clip over the past few years, offered some of the honest commentary that's become his hallmark regarding the across-the-board declines in sports television viewership. Per Acho, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

“There are bigger things going on in sports right now," he said. "Like, I'm glad sports are down. And I'm a sports guy. You can tell-- you can cut this for my bosses, for the world to see. Like, there's a presidential election going on. There's a pandemic going on. I would hope to God that a game-- which all sports are, is a game-- are less important than lives. So when people are like, oh, sports are down, I'm like [CLAPPING] bravo. Because at least that shows me that we have our priorities right in this country. Sports will pick back up. They always do. So I don't even have an issue with sports being down. When you talk about things being political, life and death, it's not political. It's just-- it's just not."

This is certainly one way to look at the whole situation. A freeing, less frustrating way to be sure. Of course the fly in the ointment here is that not all refocused energy is being spent in healthy, productive ways. A not-insignificant amount of it is sadly being parlayed into more division and anger from bad actors in the politically-adjacent places.

Still, a refreshing take to cleanse the sludge off, if only briefly.