Emmanuel Acho Dubs Sean McVay the Elon Musk of the NFL


Now that Sean McVay has finally won a Super Bowl the time has come to really treat him like a genius. Sure, his championship gameplan included one of the worst rushing attacks in NFL history, but his team won so what can you do? On Monday's Speak For Yourself, Emmanuel Acho bestowed the greatest compliment possible on McVay, saying he's the Elon Musk of the NFL.

Acho's argument is that McVay, like Musk, is "incredibly forward-thinking." This is evident by McVay's willingness to trade draft picks to acquire players that will help him win immediately. This is the new way of thinking so get on board. Acho even points out a team that has followed McVay's blueprint - the 2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers who brought in a bunch of star players last year to win the Super Bowl.

It sounds like a foolproof plan. Just do what Sean McVay does. Even if you do it before him.