Emmanuel Acho: Jim Harbaugh Would Be Gone If His Name Was Jim Smith

Kyle Koster
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Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Michigan football program is searching for an identity. The Wolverines went into Madison and got curb-stomped by Wisconsin. Jim Harbaugh, in year five at his alma mater, has yet to win as an underdog. Questions about his future reign have gotten louder as answers are in short supply.

The media heat promises to be ratcheted up in the coming week. ESPN's Emmanuel Acho was one of the first to get a chance to weigh in on the topic and made it clear that he believes Harbaugh is skating by on name alone because, let's face it, the results just aren't there.

Acho is probably correct. A guy named Jim Smith would likely be on a much hotter seat than Harbaugh right now. But I'm not sure how great a point this is because programs assess coaches on an individual basis. Harbaugh's track record and history with the school play a major part in the equation. One could argue wouldn't even have the job if he didn't have the last name.

I'll sound like a broken record on this but Harbaugh isn't going anywhere until it gets much, much worse. And even then he may be allowed to stay years past the point of viability. No matter how much external pressure is applied.