Eminem Attempts to Start Beef With Drew Brees on New Song With Kid Cudi

Stephen Douglas
Eminem / Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Kid Cudi and Eminem released a new song over night called "The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady." The song deals with current events like police brutality and the coronavirus pandemic. Halfway through the song Eminem even gives New Orleans and its quarterback a shout-out by saying, "F--k Drew Brees."

Unless Eminem addresses this lyric, we'll never know if this was recorded in the brief time between Drew Brees criticizing players kneeling for the national anthem and when he was forced to confront Donald Trump on Twitter. The alternative is that his name just fit this particular rhyme scheme.

It is unclear what makes Kid Cudi "Moon Man," but if they wanted to adapt this into a feature film, I would support it. Eminem could always use more movie roles and Kid Cudi was good in the incredibly rewatchable Need For Speed movie. If Eminem and Drew Brees squash their beef by then, Brees could make a cameo.