Eminem and Snoop Dogg Performed at the VMAs as NFTs and I Can't Stop Not Watching

Stephen Douglas
2022 MTV VMAs – Show AR
2022 MTV VMAs – Show AR / MTV VMA 22/GettyImages

The MTV Video Music Awards took place last night with Snoop Dogg and Eminem showing up to perform "From the D to the LBC." Well, kind of perform. Most of the work was done by their Bored Ape avatars and Metaverse versions of themselves that looked like they came straight out of a Grand Theft Auto cut scene from the early 2000s. It was truly one of those moments where humans can only stare in wonder at the infinite possibilities. Or, as many people in the YouTube comments said, those were some pretty cool cartoons!

Trotting out an entire NFT-based live performance in late August 2022 is pretty bold. I mean, it's been months since the Seth Green saga unfolded where his cartoon ape was stolen after he'd already shot a bad sitcom with the NFT as the star. Green paid another $260,000 to get it back. So, yeah, these things really just pay for themselves.

Good for Snoop and Eminem sticking with it. Sure, they could have rode the momentum of their memorable Super Bowl performance, but instead they debuted their Bored Apes in the video for this song two months ago. This was well after NFTs had started to plummet in number, value and interest. To date, according to NonFungible.com, the number of NFT sales have dropped 81% over the last year and the value has dropped 94%.

We don't even have athletes launching NFTs anymore. I guess it's good that Snoop and Eminem are still holding on. Keep funging that chicken I guess.