Activist Roasts Elon Musk With Messages Projected on Twitter Headquarters

Ryan Phillips
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SpaceX And T-Mobile Hold Joint Event In Texas / Michael Gonzalez/GettyImages

As we've discussed already today, Twitter is going through some things. Stuff isn't getting any better as outages have spiked and now Elon Musk is getting roasted on the front of the company's headquarters.

An activist is currently projecting anti-Musk messages on the side of Twitter's building in San Francisco. Here's a look:

Crowds have formed outside to watch the madness go down.

Yeah, it's been quite a day for the social media giant. Musk is reportedly scrambling to retain important engineers who keep the site running.

It will be fascinating to see how this plays out. Musk spent $44 billion to purchase the company and three weeks later it is embroiled in absolute chaos.