Elizabeth Warren Goes After Daniel Snyder and His $100 Million Super Yacht


Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has frequently been derided and mocked by President Donald Trump over her claims of Native American heritage, has come out firing today against the owner of the team carrying the Redskins moniker. Daniel Snyder was in the news this week for purchasing a giant super yacht for $100 Million.

Snyder is among the least popular NFL owners. His tenure in Washington is coming up on its 20th anniversary this May, and it has not been a successful run on the field. This year, the franchise ranked 28th in attendance and last in percentage of capacity. Which is to say, in terms of billionaire targets, Warren is choosing to go after someone that does not engender much sympathy in regard to her tax plan that would greatly increase taxes on the extremely wealthy.

Recently, Snyder’s franchise was reportedly working with Republican members of Congress to put a stadium provision regarding the RFK stadium site into the spending bill, and he has been a contributor to Donald Trump. I give it less than 24 hours before Trump jumps in to respond to Warren’s attack.