VIDEO: Kenyan Runner Eliud Kipchoge Finishes Marathon in Under Two Hours

Liam McKeone

Marathons have long been a pinnacle of physical human achievement. The body is simply not made to run for that long and that far, but every year thousands of people-- ranging from your next-door neighbor to world-class athletes in between Olympic games-- take part in some sort of 26-mile trek all over the world.

One does not need to have run a marathon to appreciate how difficult it is, although those that have do possess a deeper appreciation than anyone who hasn't. I am not a big running guy, to say the least, but I like to think I've gleaned a bit of understanding through family members who have run marathons, and it is quite hard! Which makes THIS guy's achievement all the more remarkable. Kenyan runner Eliud Kipchoge, known for basically sprinting through his marathons, finished a marathon this morning in under two hours!

Math wasn't never my strongest suit, but according to my calculations, that's an average of about four and a half minutes per mile. That's, uh, fast. The craziest part is that he looked pretty fresh for having essentially sprinted for 119 minutes without a break.

Kipchoge broke his own world record of finishing a marathon in two hours and one minute. He truly has no peer in this realm of sport.